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ENCO 5 "x6" Bandsaw Model 505-6840 and 505-6841

If you're starting out in metalworking, you've probably developed quite strong muscles in the arm that does all of the sawing of your metal stock.

There are better ways of cutting off metal stock - the bandsaw! While at just around $200 it may be difficult to initially justify the price of such a machine, but you'll never understand how you went so long without one when you finally have one and cut through your first piece.

This of course assumes that you start with a proper bandsaw blade to begin with - the stock ones that come with the bandsaw typically don't last long and aren't the best. Buying yourself a $15 bi-metal blade such as those made by Aggressor and other makes/models will save you even more time! More on this later.

This model is made in Taiwan versus China. The fit/finish and overall quality is arguably nicer than the ones offered by Harbor Freight:

The two models offered differ in the motor offered. The 6840 is a non-UL (Underwriters Laboratory) model while the 6841 has a UL listed motor. The color is also misleading as well as the features shown. The stand is identical to the cheaper HF model. This should be the first thing to replace due to its flimsiness.

Aside from that, what' very noticeable (besides the bright yellow accent colors) are the existance of blade guards:


The blade that came with the bandsaw was true and tensioned properly. It was literally ready to saw "out of the box". What we noticed later, however, was that the motor mounting bolts were loose so be sure to check this before running your saw.

We should also mention that the 5"x6" is indeed somewhat true. The casting has a bit more clearance than the Harbor Freight model.

Here's a picture of the motor label:


It's a 1/3 HP motor that can be wired for 110V or 220V which is nice.

Here you see the blade tensioning plate and bolts. The handle's casting is also somewhat free of the casting parting line runout:



Stay tuned...


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