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7x10, 7x12, 7x14 Mini-Lathe Information

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CNC Gang Lathe 6G with Yasnac LX-3 Control

We recently purchased an off-brand (i.e. not Okuma, Mori-Seiki, Nakamura-Tome) gang lathe. The machine is hefty and solid and comes with a Yaskawa Yasnac LX-3 control system. We've made a gang table for the 12x and 8x lathes (yes, we'll get these updated - we're just backlogged with projects!). While these are great fun, it was time to get a "real" machine.

It was a great time getting this machine installed in the shop, but after only a few power cycles (and overtraveling the table), we ended seeing what appears to be a dreaded message from the control panel:

322: CMOS Vacant Area Error.

Que? According to the folks as Yaskawa, the MB is toast and we need a new one. But this error really seems like something we see with PCs when CMOS errors appear. Typically, you can clear CMOS (sometimes by simply removing the battery) and then reload the system.

Well, for now, here are some pics of the new-to-us machine: A "Cut King". If you know who actually makes it, please let us know!!


The control panel when the alarms were manageable... Pretty busy control panel! It appears that it was owned by IMS Products Inc. We couldn't find them. Maybe you know where these guys are!

control lx3

And the inside of the cabinet.

lx3 boards

We'll let you know what happens to this machine. We're prepared to send the motherboard back for an evaluation by Yaskawa, but if repairs need to be completed... ouch!


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