New ZAY7045A with Power Feed Table from the 114th Canton Fair

Hello All!

I’ve just come back from visiting the 114th Annual Canton Fair and while on the look for other products, I happened upon a brand new ZAY7045 mill (one of our favorite “starter” mills) with a powered table feed! While the table is now raised by a 6″ or so, it was cool to finally see a production powered table. Notice that the gearhead levers are no longer in front, but are now placed on the right hand side of the head with a very Deckel/Cincinnati style dial lever (very cool!). I was assured that while I didn’t see a powered head feed (my right arm is now MUCH stronger than my left ;), they can add it at the factory.

We will show more pictures of the fair and factory visits in the future. This is just a quick glimpse at at the now!

This is the full machine with a different control panel and smaller base/stand without drip/chip try.

Here are some of the controls. Note the three levers for X/Y and on/off.

Look at the mid section!

We are currently working on bringing some interesting hobby-level products with serious prototyping and low-production level traits to the market. Stay tuned!

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