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DRO Plans



The Sieg-built X2 mini-mill is quite a capable little machine. However, keeping track of workpiece/spindle location is a chore with the non "true-inch" dials/feedscrews and the ruler on the column.

Installing a DRO (digital read-out) scale in each of the axes will greatly improve the accuracy of parts you can make not to mention the amount of time saved! We have created plans that work with our CNC conversion plans. Start with this upgrade. Even if you don't use our CNC conversion plans, you'll find that machining can be quite enjoyable with DROs installed.


What is a DRO scale? And why do I need one?

Instead of counting the number of turns on the dial or constantly measuring your cuts with your calipers, you just watch the display on your DRO scale. It tells you how far you have moved in its respective direction. It's made much like your digital caliper, only without the jaws. It's made for the sole purpose of adding to your machine to accurately find location.

(here's a picture of a DRO scale)

What are the practical applications?

 - Let's say you are building something that requires pocketing and drilling holes with the use of a jig and/or fixture of some sort ;)

 - How about drilling a bolt-hole pattern. While the DRO reader itself may not have the function to calculate this for you, you can just as easily "do some math", move the table to that position, and drill. Easy!

 - Ever wonder how to make multiple parts on the same fixture or even reproducing the same operation with a new part loaded? Once your DRO is "zero'd" in on your vise, just load the blank and repeat. Or, as some would say, "lather, rinse, repeat" :)

So what are we offering?

figNoggle Designs is offering plans (23 pages in all) to instruct you on how to build the mounting hardware for the DRO scales. There are pictures and instructions, CAD drawings of each part to make as well as a materials list with part numbers, vendors, and pricing. Basically, this set of plans will help you get your DRO system installed on your mini-mill.

(actual pages from the plans - 23 pages in all!)


Plan/design features:

  • Few parts to machine
  • Easy installation
  • Provides vendor sources and pricing
  • DRO scales can be read without use of a display (display recommended)
  • 23 pages of written instructions, pictures, and CAD drawings!
  • Available in PDF format for quick delivery to your email account
  • Works with the figNoggle Designs' CNC conversion plans (now available!)


figNoggle Designs' DRO plans work with the following Sieg X2 mini-mills:

  • Harbor Freight 44991
  • Grizzly G8689
  • Micro-Mark 82573
  • Homier 3947
  • Cummins 7877


How long does it take to make?

Our design takes roughly one (1) hour to complete and requires under $40.00 worth of materials (not including scales). You most likely already have these materials in your shop, in which case all you need are the scales.


What does the machine look like afterwards?

Our design allows you to read the scale displays directly off the scales or you can buy a 3-axis display or make your own using the Shumatech design for example.


What are the terms of sale/use?

We accept any form of payment PayPal uses as we process online orders via PayPal. We will also accept check or money order. Please email us for more information.

We do not accept returns. Plans are sold as-is with no warranty. We assume no liability for contents in the plans.

Once we receive confirmation of your PayPal payment, we will send you the PDF file (under 1mb) to the email account shown on your PayPal account or the one you use to pay with. If you have special instructions, please email us first!

Plans are intended for personal/hobby/learning uses only. Kits made from our plans for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Your email address will be stamped on each page of the plans in order to help prevent unauthorized distribution.

Your email address and personal information is held strictly confidential. We will not share, sell or do anything with your email address.


DRO Plans


Questions? Please email me at david at/at fignoggle dot/dot com.


Click Here To Download Acrobat Reader


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