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7x10, 7x12, 7x14 Mini-Lathe Information

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Index of Mini-Mill How-To's
quick tip! replace your locking X and Y axes levers with plain socket head screws. it gets your hands out of the way.
1. quickly setup your vise
2. tram your mill (x-axis)
3. remove the torsion spring
4. make your stock brass nuts anti-backlash
5. remove the Y-axis leadscrew from the retaining block
6. setup a rotary table
7. upgrade your stock 16TPI leadscrew and brass nut
8. adjust your X and Y axes for smoother operation / backlash stuff too
9. remove the X-axis leadscrew from the retaining plate
10. hold workpieces to the table
11. drill and tap nice centered holes (and how to use a wiggler!)
12. measure the inside of something using a telescoping gage and micrometer
13. what is backlash and what can be done about it?  
14. Mini mill belt drive using a timing pulley (Prototype can be made in a matter of hours with your lathe and drill press!)
15. making acetal gib strips for the mini mill
16. making acetal/delrin anti-backlash nuts (and an alternate method of table removal)
17. installing ballscrews in the X and Y axes
18. Removing the X2 mini-mill spindle head and intermediate gears (New!)
19. Setting up two precision screwless vises on the mini-mill table side-by-side for extra holding capacity



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We're prototyping a benchtop CNC vertical mill using the DigiSpeed-XL interface card for Mach, Dart Controls and KB Electronics KBIC/KBMM 90VDC motor controllers, 1.5HP treadmill motor from Surplus Center and a R8-spindle head from the X2 mini-mill - not to mention Gecko servo drives and an entirely closed-loop system. Come take a look!

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